Alberto Mordoki on New Trends in Home Renovation

Homeowners tend to feel like there’s always something that could be worked on or improved in their home. Looking to make it as comfortable, functional, and trendy as possible, many people are able to find something that is in need of replacement, repair, or improvement, and that is where contractors come in.

Alberto Mordoki is a contractor and entrepreneur from Fullerton, California. He started his construction company in 2012. The company is involved in construction, drywall installation, and taping, as well as suspended ceilings for residential and commercial properties in Fullerton. In the past, he was the owner of another drywall company, but at a certain point due to economic changes during a recession he got out of the drywall business and worked solo with a few helpers and subcontractors, working on fixer uppers and working directly with homeowners. Alberto provides his insight into the top three trends in home renovation for 2020.

Smart Technology

Technology is the way of the future and that rings true for homes thanks to the onslaught of “smart” home devices that have come onto the market. According to Alberto Mordoki, many millennial homeowners see smart features in their home as a priority. Such devices are known to reduce energy and water consumption, which both keep costs down and result in a smaller carbon footprint for the home. Different types of smart technology in a home include smart thermostats that know when people are out of the house and adjust themselves accordingly, smart lighting that uses less energy, lasts longer, and can be customized, smart cleaning devices such as robot vacuums, and even smart keypads that allow you to unlock a door in your home through voice or face recognition technology.

Home Wellness

Another trend in home renovation that Alberto Mordoki has noticed is that many people are asking for wellness-focused improvements. Such renovations include circadian lighting to improve sleep and water and air purification systems. Further, more than ever before, homeowners want to ensure that any renovation that takes place is done using nontoxic, eco-friendly materials. Lastly, in the luxury home niche, creating wellness rooms in homes has also become more popular in recent years. This includes yoga and meditation rooms or nooks in the home.

Strict Budgets

Alberto Mordoki claims that saving money has always been a trend in the home renovation industry. But now more so than ever, the kinds of renovations he is being asked to do involve improvements that will ultimately save the homeowner money. This includes the installation of smart technology as discussed above, as well as home insulation and improved roofing to keep houses warm and dry year-round. He is also noticing that homeowners have budgets and they are extremely strict about sticking to them. This is an inevitable outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic, where many people have lost their jobs and do not have extra income to devote towards renovations that are not a necessity.

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